Ancient roads of Novalja – an educational tour of the City Museum of Novalja

Join the city museum in discovering the ancient and early Christian foundations of Novalja and its surroundings through guided tours in English. The tours are educational and led by the museum’s curator.

Tour of the Old Christian Basilica

Dates: July 22 and 29, departure at 8:00 a.m. in front of the city museum.
A tour of the three early Christian basilicas in Novalja (at the locations Mala crikva, Vrtić and Gaj) and the end of the tour in Stomorica – the archeological collection.
This tour is suitable for all ages.

Ancient aqueduct- shafts

Dates: August 12 and 19, gathering at 8:00 a.m. at the city museum.
Introduction to the ancient aqueduct and a tour of the aqueduct from the inside-40m. Showing 3d animation.
Then departure to the shafts. Folowing the shafts towards Škopalj- spring in the Novalja field.
Stopping next to some of the shafts for a closer explanation of the construction of shafts and aqueduct.
Arrival in the Novalja field – an overview of the last traces of aqueduct and an explanation of the current aquifer condition of the field.
The tour is physically demanding and we do not recommend it to people with reduced mobility.

Price: only the museum ticket price is charged

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