Early christian basilicas

There are several Christian basilicas in the area of Novalja in the late antique period.

In Novalja itself, the remains of three basilicas were discovered – the Basilica of St. Mary (the so-called “Mala crikva”) in the center of Novalja on Loža Square, the Basilica in Gaj (where the restaurant „Bazilika“is today) and the Basilica in Jaz (an area called Vrtić near which are the Hotels-Liberty, Kaneo and Joel ).Remains of church furniture from the above-mentioned basilicas are kept in the Stomorica- Archaeological Collection.

Basilica of St. Mary in the center of Novalja

Bazilika sv. Marije u centru Novalje

Center of Novalja with the church of St. Mary inside and around which are the remains of an extremely large early Christian basilica. Valuable reliquaries have been found within this basilica and are now in the Archaeological Museum in Zadar.

Basilica in Gaj (near the restaurant Bazilika)

The remains of the basilica, which was most likely a cemetery basilica, are modest and are located in a private area.

Basilica in Jaz (area called Vrtić, near Liberty Joel and Kaneo hotels)

The basilica is very well preserved and the ground plan and apse are fully visible.